Women in Nuclear

Women have made substantial contributions to nuclear science from its earliest days and continuing into today. In honor of Women’s History Month, we are pleased to introduce a few of these amazing scientists, researchers, innovators, regulators and leaders to you.  (Names in white and black and white images are historical contributors. Color images and names in gold are women working today.)

Organizations Supporting Women in Nuclear

(Women in Nuclear Global) — an organization of women working professionally in various fields of nuclear energy and radiation applications, with 35,000 members working in 129 countries.
— WiN IAEA is an organization based in Vienna committed to the advancement of qualified women in the nuclear and radiation professions.

— the first venture fund devoted to investing in advanced nuclear innovation and other deep decarbonization technologies and a firm founded by a woman, is pleased to have provided grant funding to the University of California at Berkeley to provide stipends to female nuclear engineering students seeking summer internships.

(Note: images display in random order. Please submit suggestions for noteworthy women in nuclear, both historical and contemporary, using the comment box below.)

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