technologies that will
“disrupt” climate change

Nucleation Capital is a new type of venture fund. We raise funds from people like you—investors who care deeply about the planet and understand the power of technology to address those problems—and let you select the terms of your participation. Our investors allocate a small portion of their assets to us to gain greater diversification through access to innovative private ventures creating critical technologies to better manage planetary carbon. We are focused on two main areas: 


 Advanced Nuclear
ventures developing state-of-the-art reactors for reliable, carbon-free and low environmental-impact energy for grid-based and off-grid applications together with a wide array of vertical industrial and supply chain ventures, such as advanced fuels and materials, advanced manufacturing and robotics, software control systems, wasted storage or treatment, deployment, operations training, and so on.


Deep Decarbonization
ventures such as carbon capture, utilization and sequestration (CCUS) to address CO2 accumulations together with advanced grid Integration ventures and related technologies so that our grid can manage and balance growing demand and distributed generation and energy routing in more sophisticated ways and under an increasing range of environmental stresses and energy demands.

Albert Einstein defined insanity as “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  If you’ve noticed that we have yet to “bend the curve” on our emissions, and you haven’t considered how critically important nuclear and deep decarbonization are, this is your chance. 

Are you ready to do something different
with some of your assets to help
protect our future?

Now there’s a way.

Nucleation Capital is a subscription-based venture fund. Accredited investors now have the ability to participate in this fund through a quarterly subscription. You select the level of your subscription and the number of quarters you wish to participate for and we give you a pro rata share of the advanced nuclear and deep decarbonization ventures that we invest in, in those quarters. The more quarters you subscribe to, the more diversified your portfolio will be. 

Nuclear innovation isn’t new but for most of the seventy years of its existence, nuclear energy development has been conducted primarily within the national labs. Private investors have never been able to participate in the success or growth of those innovations—except for folks like Bill Gates or Peter Thiel. That is now changing, along with the global recognition that nuclear energy has a critical role to play in the urgent need to decarbonize energy use.  But it takes specialized expertise, a deep network of experts and considerable due diligence efforts to select the ventures and technologies that are most promising. That is what we strive to do for you.

A new generation of nuclear entrepreneurs is working to improve our most powerful source of carbon-free energy so that we can power our societies without burning fossil fuels while still having abundant energy available to pull carbon from the atmosphere to begin to restore a healthy climate by the middle of this century.  Nuclear energy has the potential to scale up to meet the world’s demand for firm base load power by the middle of this century but, to get there, we need to back the developers of next-gen designs.

All venture capital investments pose high risks and, unlike with public equities, can remain illiquid for up to ten years. Investing in nuclear energy and deep decarbonization is certainly no exception and, in fact, these climate tech ventures face more obstacles than most. Which is why we have adopted a subscription model that allows investors to right-size their subscription level to exactly suit their portfolio needs and risk preferences, with subscriptions starting as low as $20,000 ($5,000 per quarter for four quarters). If you would like to consider participating in the Nucleation Capital fund, please click the below link.