Meredith Angwin: Electric grid expert and author

Meredith Angwin is a renowned author and expert on energy and the electricity grid, whose recent book, Shorting the Grid, The Hidden Fragility of Our Electric Grid” is an exposé of the insider-ruled practices of the “deregulated” areas of the United States electric grid. It has been said that Meredith’s grasp on public policy and nuclear politics is second to none. She has served as an expert guide for many people seeking to maneuver through the tangled web of politics surrounding the continued operation of Vermont Yankee. She is THE expert on New England energy policy, and is a voice of calm in a sea of angry, sometimes uninformed, voices.

According to a Shorting the Grid reviewer:  “The electric power grid is the most important machine in the modern world.  It is poised to become even more important as electricity is tapped to take over from fossil fuels in the fight against climate change.  The grid will soon be all that it is today plus our gas station and home heating, not to mention a huge source of revenue for city governments.  Shorting the Grid by Meredith AngwinSo it is remarkable that, at exactly this critical moment, grid management and planning have descended into a morass of secret cross purposees with nobody in charge and profiteers running rampant.  How can we fix it?  To fix the grid, we have to know it, and the very best way to know it is to read Meredith Angwin’s timely and alarming new book, Shorting the Grid.”

As a working chemist, Meredith Angwin headed projects that lowered pollution and increased reliability on the electric grid. Her work included pollution control for nitrogen oxides in gas-fired combustion turbines and corrosion control in geothermal and nuclear systems. She was one of the first women to be a project manager at the Electric Power Research Institute where she led projects in renewable and nuclear energy.

In the past ten years, she began to study and take part in grid oversight and governance. For four years, she served on the Coordinating Committee for the Consumer Liaison Group associated with ISO-NE, her local grid operator. Since 2008, Meredith has taught courses for Dartmouth ILEAD and presents innovative workshops on the electric grid. Her class on “Our Complex Electric Grid” for OSHER has been repeated multiple times due to high demand, and has included field trips to ISO-NE and the command center of the Connecticut River hydro plants.  In “All around the coal boiler,” the class studied pollution control systems for coal, finishing with a tour of Merrimack Station. In “Energy Safari” (co-taught with Dr. Robert Hargraves), the class visited and compared wind turbines, a solar farm, a biomass plant, a nuclear station, and an LEED platinum-level building.

Meredith holds a BS in Chemistry with Special Honors and an MS in Chemistry. from the University of Chicago. She has completed some of the work required for a Ph.D. in geochemistry under Dr. Ole Kleppa, who served as her thesis advisor. Meredith’s previous major book was Campaigning for Clean Air: Strategies for Pro-Nuclear Advocacy.  Meredith has long advocated for protecting our precious nuclear power resources has been a featured speaker at several nuclear events, including being keynote for the worldwide Nuclear Science Week in 2018.