Kirk Sorensen: President and Chief Technologist at Flibe Energy

Kirk Sorensen founded Flibe Energy in 2011 after he had spent over a decade as a NASA aerospace engineer and additional experience as a chief nuclear technologist at Teledyne Brown Engineering independently exploring the technical basis and design of molten-salt reactors. He conceived of the LFTR in 2006 as a modern incarnation of molten-salt reactor technology that incorporates the best principles of safety, performance, and economic versatility in order to provide a sustainable future for generations to come.

Mr. Sorensen currently serves as the President and Chief Technologist at Flibe Energy and has grown the company to include a team of engineers, chemists, and nuclear physicists who are working together to bring this revolutionary technology to market. Kirk brings extensive experience in nuclear reactor design, neutronic simulation and modeling, thermodynamics and power conversion system design, liquid fluoride chemical processing design to his work at Flibe and is renowned as a public advocate for thorium energy who frequently speaks at conferences and forums all around the world about the advantages of thorium technology.