John Kutsch: Engineer and founder of Thorium Energy Alliance

John Kutsch is the Executive Director for the Thorium Energy Alliance. He has spent 23 years developing materials, mechanisms, and products for industrial, energy, and medical clients. He is noted for leading the Technical Design of all the variations on the Integral Molten Salt Reactor (IMSR), from 25, 250, 600, 80, 400 and all variations of each. He is also a Design Engineer who runs Whole World LLC, an engineering consultancy in Harvard, Illinois. Whole World specializes in energy engineering and utility integration with successful projects in Run-of-river hydroelectricity, Dye-activated solar cell development, organic Light Emitting Diode research, Waste-to-energy system design, Landfill Gas Collection and Energy Generation, Optimizing Ethanol Production, Up-Rating of existing small scale generation facilities, and with many project services for mechanical and production engineering provided to the National Renewable Energy Lab.  John provides his clients with world class innovation and engineering project management, services and advisory work in in CAD modeling and design, Project Life Cycle Management, Fabrication, Materials Selection, Prototype Production, Casting, Forming, Rapid prototyping, Stress Analysis, and Quality Function Deployment.

Mr. Kutsch became a founding member of the Thorium Energy Alliance, a 501(c)3 organization, in 2006 after spending several years researching thorium applications and reactors for an industrial client. Within four years of the Thorium Energy Alliance founding, eight conferences with international participation had been organized. He has provided expert testimony and  commentary in support of uranium 233 preservation, Rare Earth Refining and Thorium Energy Research to the Blue Ribbon Commission on the Future of Nuclear Energy and he has made scores of trips to Federal and State Legislatures promoting changes in federal policy regarding uses and storage of thorium and rare earth elements.

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