James Lavin: Entrepreneur and advisor to carbon capture ventures

Jim Lavin is a serial entrepreneur with extensive technology background, ability to understand technologists, and then convert their ideas into reality to address a market opportunity. He brings extensive experience with financial pitches, developing business plans and an acute appreciation of the hurdles to product rollout in the physical world particularly in the energy industry.

Jim previously founded Ney-Li, Pte, Ltd. in Singapore to develop a 100W integrated circuit AC-to-DC converter/power supply based on innovations emanating from a scientist with 60 patents in advance materials and electronics. The price and efficiency breakthroughs sought would have allowed widespread use of DC power in a large number of products raising global energy efficiency. The key control breakthrough was AI software optimized for very low power consumption that could continually seek out the most efficient switch configuration for optimal efficiency at every load and sine wave input.

Mr. Lavin also founded Electron Storage, Inc. which currently provides advisory work for investors, technology companies, and end-users in the grid and energy storage space. It also Invests in and advises companies involved in CO2 reduction technologies and bio-oil upgrading on a global basis as well as advising on advances in microgrid/multiple power source integration. ESI has advised investors involved in due diligence, including for a major US lithium battery manufacturer regarding investments.  Currently, through ESI, Jim is engaged in assisting companies developing technology for direct air capture of CO2, sequestration and utilization of CO2 for global warming solutions.

Jim has particular interest and expertise in the application of advanced data processing/artificial intelligence to sensing, real time location sensing systems, carbon capture and sequestration, electrical grids and switching energy transformation. He also has had repeated experience in hiring and recruiting teams to execute a vision and well as experience managing the protection of IP through original patent filing and patent licensing in both material science and software. He’s had worldwide experience in creating distributor networks and sales and fundraising especially within the energy and electricity grid markets.