Jake DeWitte: CEO and Co-founder of Oklo

Dr. Jake DeWitte is the co-founder and CEO of Oklo, which is a technology venture building a new kind of nuclear reactor to bring cheap, clean, abundant power to the world. Oklo is now the first 4th generation reactor design venture to have submitted a combined license application to the NRC and be actively working on an advanced nuclear technology that can make nuclear more competitive, available and widespread than ever before.

Jake earned his Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering at the the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he developed tools to analyze adoption scenarios of high performance light water reactor fuels as part of long term capital asset management planning for nuclear power plants.   Additionally, he performed core design and analysis for various plutonium destruction scenarios using the PRISM reactor.

For most of his career, Jake has worked in energy generation and distribution, and brings experience in nuclear reactor design, analysis of sodium fast reactors, molten salt reactors, and next generation PWRs to his leadership at Oklo.  He’s also done fuel cycle analysis on the front end, and worked on methodologies for closing the back end of the fuel cycle.

“People talk about an energy crisis or dilemma, and nuclear energy is the long term solution. It is 50 million times more energy dense per reaction than natural gas or coal meaning 50 million times less waste. It is sustainable with fuel supplies that can easily power us for thousands to millions of years. It is clean and emission-free, is always on, and one of the safest industries in US history! Simply put, it has by far the fewest deaths per MW of any energy source.”