Ed Pheil: Nuclear reactor design expert

Ed Pheil started at the Knolls Atomic Power Lab training Navy students at the Kesselring Site prototypes. He then moved into design, spending the remainder of his career designing nuclear submarines, aircraft carriers, and for a time, spacecraft to go to Jupiter.

Pheil supported all Navy reactors at the time and multiple new designs, such as Virginia-class and Ohio-class. The Navy has two Naval nuclear laboratories: Bettis Atomic Power Lab and Knolls Atomic Power Lab. Teams at the labs work together on new design, maintenance of existing fleet, and decommissioning. Electric Boat, part of General Dynamics, and Huntington Ingalls run the shipyards where submarine building takes place. The Newport News Shipyard is involved in the AP-1000 construction. Electric Boat has the biggest experience in modular construction. Both companies have civilian arms that do work in the nuclear sector.

Pheil spent a total of 32 years in the Navy and is considered an expert on many types of nuclear reactor designs having looked at the design and operation of about 20 different types of reactors, such as lead reactors, lithium reactors, molten salt reactors, and more. He is now part of Elysium Industries and here he can be seen providing an overview of Elysium Industries’ MCSFR, a Molten-Salt Reactor which uses inexpensive chloride salts and fast-spectrum neutrons, to provide fuel flexibility and efficient consumption of fissile and fertile fuels.