Bret Kugelmass: visionary technologist and non-profit leader

Bret Kugelmass is a technology entrepreneur previously best known for his work pioneering autonomous flight technology. In 2017, his dedication towards solving climate and energy challenges led to the founding of the Energy Impact Center, a Washington DC-based research institute, with a focus on climate restoration and special expertise in nuclear energy. The Energy Impact Center first made waves by launching the Titans of Nuclear podcast, which became seen as a transformative resource for nuclear advocacy and communication across the industry and which has now posted nearly 300 interviews with experts across the range of nculear technology, industry, economics, policy and more.

These achievements were not enough and Mr. Kugelmass has since earned a reputation for climate thought leadership by having provided keynote speeches to well over a dozen energy conferences, the videos of which have amassed nearly 4 Million views on YouTube across 150 countries. More recently, through EIC’s OPEN100 platform, which is a development framework for a small, standard, pressurized water reactor, EIC has set a goal to accelerate deployment of the world’s most vital solution to climate change: affordable nuclear energy. EIC continues to demonstrate technical leadership and business innovation, in bringing together dozens of leading nuclear institutions from around the world. Bret’s personal goal and leadership of the Energy Impact Center aims for nothing short of bringing nuclear energy to never before realized heights to enable rapid decarbonization and energy access for all.