Sec. Granholm affirms critical need for nuclear

Jennifter Granholm, the Secretary of Energy, gave a keynote speech at the start of the Annual ANS meeting this week. Her words to an audience of tens of thousand were quickly incorporated into the below graphic from the ANS. 

Additionally, last week Secretary Granholm announced the Biden Administration’s goal of reducing the cost of producing clean hydrogen, which is hydrogen made with carbon-free energy sources such as renewables and nuclear energy plants.  The DOE is seeking to reduce the cost by 80%, down to $1 per kilgram within a decade. 

This is the first of several DOE initiatives to accelerated and innovate in clean energy called Energy Earthshots that are intended to help the U.S. economy reach its emissions goals.

“Clean hydrogen is a game changer,” U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said in a statement. “It will help decarbonize high-polluting heavy-duty and industrial sectors, while delivering good-paying clean energy jobs and realizing a net-zero economy by 2050.”

See:  ANS: Annual Meeting Agenda, and Reuters, U.S. seeks less costly clean hydrogen in climate fight, by Timothy Gardner, June 7, 2021.