Scientists have urged exploration of carbon-fixing solutions for a long time

Back in 2007, scientists recognized that curtailing emissions from our use of energy was going to be very difficult, and they began to urge research into ways to “fix” carbon that could prevent the coming climate catastrophe. “We are taking the very strong line that we are not going to save the planet by the regular approaches like the Kyoto Protocol or renewable energy,” Professor James Lovelock told BBC News.

Publishing their thoughts in the journal “Nature,” London Science Museum head Chris Rapley and Gaia theorist James Lovelock discussed the concept of boosting ocean take-up of CO2 through the use of circulation pipes. “What we have to do is to look at it in a systems sense, or a Gaian sense, and see if it’s curable by direct action.”

Read this 2007 BBC News report: “Lovelock urges ocean climate fix.”