The Nucleation Capital Rolling Fund

The Nucleation Capital rolling fund is an affordable subscription-based venture fund focused on investing in innovative climate solutions which specifically include advanced nuclear of all kinds. Managed by Rod Adams, a former Navy “Nuke” with decades of nuclear industry experience, and Valerie Gardner, a former tech entrepreneur, CFO, investment principal and climate activist, Nucleation Capital was designed to fill in the “nuclear gap” in your clean energy investment portfolio and make accessing nuclear innovation possible.   

The rolling fund is hosted by AngelList Ventures, which provides custodial, administrative and client account services. As the name implies, Nucleation Capital accepts new subscribers on a rolling basis through its online portal. Prospective investors must pass an accreditation check performed by AngelList but, if accepted, they can subscribe to participate on a pro-rata basis in every deal done by Nucleation Capital for their subscribed term. 

Nucleation Capital endeavors to invest in one or more deals every quarter. Funds not invested in a quarter will roll over to the next quarter. Subscribers automatically participate in the deals made in each quarters but not deals closed in prior or subsequent quarters.  A subscription of 8 quarters will produce a portfolio of 10 to 12 holdings and a subscription of 12 quarters will produce a portfolio of 15 to 18 holdings, which is optimal for investors seeking to build a well-diversified portfolio. 

Nucleation Capital’s rolling fund makes venture investing easy and affordable, whether you are an individual investing on your own behalf or an investment manager allocating client funds. AngelList’s state-of-the-art venture platform automates the subscription process and enables paperless transactions and account reporting. It also provides important financial safeguards throughout the process and fully-featured client accounts, so all communication, updates, tax reporting and K1s are accessible to each investor at any time.

Our Investment Approach

Nucleation Capital invests in early and mid-stage ventures developing zero-emission nuclear energy and carbon-negative technologies to enable the world’s transition to a 100% carbon-managed economy. We will invest in ventures based in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and other allied nations so long as business is conducted in English.

We look for top entrepreneurial teams making rapid progress towards deploying competitive innovations, leveraging public and private capital, and building the partnerships and customer relationships needed to accelerate commercialization and revenue. Ventures should be developing scalable, commercial technologies or services with the potential to disrupt “business-as-usual” while realizing outsized returns in one of the following areas: 


Advanced Nuclear
ventures developing state-of-the-art reactors for reliable, carbon-free and low-impact energy for grid and off-grid electricity generation and industrial heat applications, as well as related supply chain, advanced fuels and materials, advanced manufacturing and robotics, software control systems, waste storage, waste treatment, deployment, and training ventures.


Deep Decarbonization
ventures providing carbon capture, utilization and sequestration (CCUS), direct air capture, development or deployment of synthetic fuels, chemicals, fertilizers, proteins, foods, mineralizers or recombinations of energy, fuels, or chemistry designed to help accelerate decarbonization, such as hydrogen or ammonia production as well as systems that provide critical climate services and/or aid the transition to carbon neutrality in a climate-stressed world.


Grid Optimization
ventures which accelerate smarter grids and advanced grid integrations enabling these critical systems to better manage and balance growing demand, distributed generation, energy storage, demand pricing and energy routing.

Nucleation’s Traditional Venture Fund: Coming Soon

Nucleation Capital is now working to explore interest from institutional investors in our formation of a traditional advanced nuclear venture fund. If you are an institutional LP or fund allocator and interested in investing in this thesis through a more standard venture structure, please complete this form and we will be in touch with you.

Need more confirmation for why advanced nuclear and carbon capture matter to our future? Listen to Secretary Granholm explaining how the DOE sees it.

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Wondering if climate scientists support nuclear?

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Subscribe to the Nucleation Rolling Fund

Click on the button below to access the Nucleation Rolling Fund portal at AngelList, where you can find our fund description, investor presentation, fee terms, legal documents and application link to set the subscription amount and term (in quarters) that works for you. AngelList provides step-by-step instructions for completing the process, which typically takes only a few minutes.  Alternatively, we are happy to schedule a time to meet with you and have your remaining questions answered.  If you are an institutional LP or family office allocator, please complete this Investor Interest Inquiry form, so we can get you the support you need to start investing in advanced nuclear.