A Guide for Selecting your Advanced Reactor

EPRI commissioned this 2022 study to provide a guide for owner-operators to understand how best to approach assessing which advanced nuclear reactor technology might be best for their specific needs, i.e. their energy “mission.” Entitled “Advanced Nuclear Technology: Owner-Operator Reactor Technology Assessment Guide—2022 Version,” this 152-page report will help those seeking to deploy new commercial nuclear power facilities.  As stated in the abstract, This report contains guidance on selecting technologies for review, and then ultimately settling on a design to pursue. It provides a process framework for systematically reviewing the available reactor technologies to identify the ones that best fit an owner-operator’s goals, and then delving into more detailed review of individual designs. When the process is complete, an organization will have identified a primary design and alternative designs for comparison and potential backup, and it will have the information and data needed to stand by the evaluation.” The report provides a straightforward decision-making framework that helps a single owner-operator hoping to make a sensible business decision to achieve the following:
  • Define and understand their business objectives
  • Evaluate general technologies and specific designs against those objectives
  • Develop a defendable justification for a primary selection and alternatives
  • Understand the inherent risk of technology and design selection and provide tools to manage that risk
Click here to view the report, Advanced Nuclear Technology: Owner-Operator Reactor Technology Assessment Guide—2022 Version. EPRI, Palo Alto, CA: 2022. 3002025344. Prepared for EPRI by Ron King of Ronald King Consulting, published December 2022.