Bank of America’s “The Nuclear Necessity”

Bank of America issued a landmark report on May 9th to its securities clients entitled “The Nuclear Necessity,” giving a bold “BUY” recommendation for nuclear and uranium.

This report gave a bullish assessment of the nuclear power industry and its new growth prospects. (Note: Initially, a summary image of the top-line take-aways was shared on Twitter. More recently, BofA has chosen to share the report online.) The entire report is worth reviewing but there were two bullish catalysts not priced into the market in the analysts’ opinion:  1) a potential G7 sanction on Russian uranium and 2) policy shifts towards nuclear “as the best climate solution.” 

We are very excited to see this analysis by a big bank and expect that many others will follow, as it has become clear that nuclear has hit an inflection point. We also believe there are several other very important catalysts not included in the BofA analysis. Reach out to us if you’d like to learn more about what we are seeing happening in the public markets and especially if you are intrigued to participate in the growing private markets.  Nucleation provides investors with several unique vehicles which enable affordable access to the nascent but growing areas of deep tech innovation, expansion and improvement of collateral support, supply and integration services through our venture fund offerings. 

(Click image to access the full report)

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