The Nucleation Approach

Superior selection
Low-cost venture access
A pure climate-solution portfolio

Why Nucleation Capital?

Nucleation Capital is a venture fund that invests in private ventures working to solve climate change. We are uniquely focused on ventures working to innovate in the advanced nuclear and carbon-management sectors, which are rapidly developing revolutionary products or services. We bring unique expertise, networks and focus to the task of building portfolios of leading ventures for our investors. We aim to deploy capital that can help: 1) set the world on a course that reduces emissions and lessens the threat of climate change, and 2) returns high multiples to our investors in the process.

Venture capital investing is ordinarily high risk and high return. Our thesis—which involves investing boldly in deeptech and atomictech—compounds both the expected risk and returns. We know this. But we also know that the extraordinary risks of not solving climate change dwarfs everything. We believe that the near certainty of catastrophic societal collapse from failing to stem carbon emissions in a timely way puts human life, our accumulated assets, and most all global ecosystems at risk. But, any one or more of our ventures which succeed could well become one of the many clean energy unicorns expected to displace fossil fuel companies in the $10 trillion energy industry. 

Nucleation Capital is a non-traditional venture fund. We have structured the fund this way for a specific reason: to enable more investors to participate at lower levels. While we do everything we can think of to mitigate risks through portfolio structure, offering super-low minimums means that more investors can afford to put a small amount of capital to work on behalf of climate, despite the risks.

Nucleation brings decades of investment management, tech Innovation, and nuclear industry experience to improve our odds of succeeding. We use multiple tactics to reduce portfolio risk: diversifying as much as possible across technologies, geographies and even venture stages within our narrow thesis. We apply a keen understanding of the nuclear industry, today’s energy conundrums and entrepreneurial challenges. But, the bottom line, we don’t shy away from investing in contrarian deeptech solutions—like nuclear energy—one of our best options for reliably generating massive amounts of carbon-free energy. The future remains unwritten. The best we can do is invest in the solutions that will let humanity win.

Nucleation sits at the intersection of “gobsmackingly” scary climate science, disruptive nuclear innovation and paradigm-shifting fintech that is democratizing access to previously unaffordable asset classes like venture capital. We invite you to consider a “1% for the win” type investment and join dozens of others doing something meaningful for climate. We guarantee that, if we fail, you only lose 1x your money (even less when you take capital losses into account). If we succeed, you can earn 100x or more—and help save our future.

Why Invest in Nuclear?

Nuclear power is the key to a future of abundant, clean energy. Despite all the wind and solar installed over the last few decades, global greenhouse gas emissions remain at their peak. We cannot replace fossil fuels without better sources of clean and firm power. Next-generation nuclear, which will provide both physically and functionally superior sources firm and clean power, will provide the types of ecologic, economic and energy system benefits we need.

The world has pledged to triple nuclear power. Nuclear is being embraced on a bipartisan basis and finally, after more than 60 years of commercial availability, atomictech is being re-imagined. New and improved 21st century engineering will make nuclear power suitable for a broader swath of energy buyers through designs that are smaller, modular, manufactured and shipped to locations and assembled both safely and affordably. But which designs will win?

That is the million dollar question. Most people pay no attention to climate change. Few know anything about nuclear or the role it has played in our energy systems. Even fewer have any understanding of the status of nuclear innovation and probably can’t distinguish between nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. But Nucleation Capital does. We use our expertise in this arena to enable our investors to get access to the best ventures we can find, with the best chances of succeeding.

What are the chances that next-generation nuclear emerges as the “technological black swan” that appears out of nowhere to finally break fossil fuels’ lethal grip on global energy? We cannot be certain but Nucleation Capital gives more investors a way to stake a direct claim—alongside the billionaires—by funding the ventures innovating to solve climate change before it is too late.

Three Investment Options

Nucleation Capital provides the following pathways for investors to participate in advanced nuclear and related technologies to deeply decarbonize the planet.

Nucleation Capital Fund I ($5,000 per quarter and up)

Nucleation Fund I is a managed venture fund for accredited investors deployed on a state-of-the-art tech platform as a rolling “evergreen” fund. It is now in its third year and growing. Investors subscribe on a quarterly basis starting as low as $5,000 per quarter. Fee discounts are available for terms of 8 quarters or more. Click here to learn more about Nucleation’s Fund I, our flagship investment vehicle.

Nucleation Capital Fund II (Traditional venture > $1 million)

Nucleation is now soliciting interest by family offices and other institutional investors in a new fund with a traditional venture structure. Participation will start at $1 million and greater. To learn more about Nucleation’s Fund II, please click here.

The Nucleation Syndicate (Self-directed investments via SPVs)

Nucleation Capital hosts a pronuclear investor syndicate. There is no cost or obligation to join but doing so enables you to receive our confidential invitations to participate in occasional syndicated deal offerings. Participation minimums start as low as a $1,000 per deal. Learn more at: Nucleation Syndicate.

If you are ready to try something different, something
with both more climate impact and more upside,
maybe it is time to try Nucleation Capital?


Albert Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  We’ve been investing billions in renewables and these haven’t even begun to “bend the curve” on carbon emissions. Finally, the world has recognized that better firm and clean energy options—like those on offer from advanced nuclear—are necessary.

Note: For those new to venture investing, we are happy to meet with you to help answer your questions and guide you through the decisions that you need to make regarding which approach to select and how much to invest. To schedule a private meeting or to join our next webinar on venture investing in the advanced nuclear space, please register here.