Nucleation Capital sponsors the upcoming ICCF24

Nucleation Capital is pleased to have been invited to participate on a panel on investor perspectives and serve as a sponsor and attendee of the 24th International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF24) which will be held at the Computer History Museum from July 25th to 28th, 2022.

Back in 2019, when working to form Nucleation Capital, the question of whether or not to include cold fusion into our thesis, there was heated opposition from members of the advisory team, who believed that cold fusion, more recently called low energy nuclear reactions (LENR), was a totally discredited approach. Other members disagreed but warned that, unlike fourth generation fission, most of what was going on with LENR remained in “science experiment” territory.

With quite a number of credible connections including Nucleation advisors and reputable professional investors attending this conference, Nucleation Capital decided to participate as a way of investigating the state of the art in this alternative type of nuclear energy. As soon as we can, we will post a report of our findings and a link to our panel presentation. Stay tuned to learn more!

UPDATE from July 23rd:
(Click image to go to download the brochure.)

We’re testing a discounted subscription offer at the ICCF24 conference as a way to encourage our investors to select a longer subscription term (with a 5-quarter minimum).  Please check out our new brochure and let us know what you think!

UPDATE from July 25th:

We’re at the ICCF24 conference and taking time to speak with attendees about venture investing. If you are attending, please stop by and say hello to Valerie Gardner and Grant Mills, our summer intern from UC Berkeley.

Nucleation’s Sponsor table at the ICCF24.
UPDATE from July 30th:

Conference is over, we enjoyed that experience quite a lot. Thank you to everyone who made this such a great week: we met a lot of interesting people.  We will be posting links to our panel discussion and to our report on Cold Fusion in the coming days.

UPDATE from August 5th:

We’re pleased to share our report on the status of Cold Fusion based upon what we learned at the ICCF24 conference. Please click here to go to “How Hot is Cold Fusion.”  

(P.S. We have not yet received links to the video of our panel but will post that once it is made available.)

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