The Nucleation Portfolio

We are pleased to present the investment portfolio for Nucleation Capital’s rolling fund (Fund I). Fund I subscribers participate pro rata in the investments that we make for the quarters to which they have subscribed. It is not too late to subscribe for 2024 and participate in the new deals that we are doing this year.


Twelve (Q1-24) – A  Berkeley, California based developer and producer of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and naphtha.

(Q2-23) – A Swedish developer of a high-temperature, low-cost lead-cooled reactor.

NuclearN (Q2-23) – A Phoenix, Arizona-based developer of nuclear AI support modules.

Planetary Technologies
(Q1-23) – A Canadian-based developer of an Ocean Alkaline Enhancement (OAE) approach to marine carbon dioxide removal (mCDR).

Copenhagen Atomics (Q4-22) – A Danish developer of a thorium molten salt thermal breeder reactor which turns nuclear waste into fuel.

Focused Energy (Q3-22) – An Austin, Texas based developer of a laser Inertial Fusion Energy (IFE) approach to fusion energy production.


Ultra Safe Nuclear Corp.
  (Q2-22) – A Seattle, Washington-based developer of a high-temperature gas reactor using TRISO fuel.

Synergetic World
  (Q2-22) – A UK-based integrater of low-carbon energy for synthetic fuel production.

Deep Isolation
(Q4-21) – A Berkeley, California-based developer of deep borehole storage of nuclear waste.

Radiant Nuclear
(Q4-21) – A Los Angeles-based developer of a micro-modular mobile nuclear reactor.

Core Power (Q3-21) – a UK-based partner in a Molten Chloride Fast Reactor (MCFR) development consortium with TerraPower, Southern Co. and Orano.