Nuclear-Powered Research Superyacht

Earth 300 is envisioned to be a nuclear-powered gigayacht with 22 state-of-the-art laboratories and a 13-story “science sphere,” that will be used as a research and exploration vessel, designed to investigate climate change and other challenges facing the planet. With a futuristic design by naval architect Iván Salas Jefferson, the vessel is envisioned as an extreme technology platform, incorporating robotics, AI, and quantun computing. 

The yacht, measuring 150 feet at its widest and almost a football field in length, will be longer than the Titanic and powered entirely by a TerraPower onboard molten-salt fission reactor, which is currently being developed by a consortium of companies, including Bill Gates’ TerraPower, Southern Co. and Orano. With funding from IBM, Triton Submarines, EYOS Expeditions  and RINA, a leader in maritime safety, the cost is expected to be $700 million. There will be room for 160 scientists, 165 crew members, 40 VIP guests and dozens of other expert and student researchers.  The goal of Earth 300? To expand human knowledge and =understanding of the universe, “both above and below the ocean’s surface,” before the oceans have died.

Read Architectural Digest’s This Nuclear-Powered Superyacht is Longer Than the Titanic and Costs $700 Million, by Dan Avery, June 15, 2021.