Nucleation’s Updates

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The A, B, and especially C’s of ESG

By Valerie Gardner, Managing Partner ESG investing is the largest and most profound global trend happening in the capital markets. Its popularity points to the global recognition that investors should

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Nucleation’s first two years

Nucleation Capital completed its second full year as a fund at the end of June, 2023. During these eight quarters, we made ten investments and built a portfolio that showcases

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Pronuclear Advocates & Allies

Pronuclear advocacy has been growing rapidly. Today, many more groups are working worldwide to save existing nuclear, reform clean energy policies that exclude nuclear and educate the public about the

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A New Oppenheimer Moment

We’ve had a resurgence of interest in and conversation about nuclear energy since the release at the end of April of Oliver Stone’s exceptional documentary, Nuclear Now. But Stone’s historic

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