What our investors say

"Mr. Adams, I saw you in Oliver Stone's new movie, and was impressed. I have been a big believer in nuclear for a while as a necessary part of the solution to climate change and have been searching for a smart way to invest in the asset class, first for myself and eventually for my clients (I am a financial advisor.) It seems like Nucleation Capital might be such a way. Please allow me to join the fund. Thank you and have a great day."
"I am a Senior engineering leader at . . . in the machine learning and AI field and I have begun participating in venture capital investments. In 2020 I subscribed to the . . . Fund II investment fund. I am passionate about green energy and I believe that nuclear power advancements will play a key role in the path to reducing carbon emissions. I am very excited about the technology being developed by Copenhagen Atomic."
"I am interested in investing in nuclear power startups. I believe nuclear is the most dense and clean energy for the world which might be strapped for access to energy in the next decade. I also believe we need more availability and accessibility of nuclear tech solutions for things like enrichment to help scale away from geopolitical forces."
"My grandfather and my father built their careers in the nuclear industry. Although I am not involved in the industry myself, I would like to participate by investing in it."
"I've been working on projects in this field and I feel this is the future of energy."
"I have been an avid Nuclear advocate for the past 13 years. I have been looking for an opportunity such as this for about 7."
"I like the unique area of focus you are bringing to investments in climate change solutions. I joined your rolling fund and would love to receive your newsletter to stay informed about new opportunities. I'm comfortable with longer time-frames and the high risk nature of start-ups, have made angel investments, bought secondaries in later stage companies, etc."
"I've invested in 70+ startups via Angel List syndicates. I studied nuclear engineering in undergrad for awhile and think it's important to a clean future. The coolest thing ever would be to cut the first check to the Elon of nuclear power."
"I never really understood how miraculous and safe nuclear technology could be until recently. I feel inspired by the potential these technologies offer and I want to explore what I can do to help contribute to its growth and adoption world wide."
"This is a subject of utmost importance during our evolving energy needs and NC is on the cutting edge of financing nuclear development."
"I have a large exposure in various Uranium mines like Cameco, Paladin, Dension, NextGen and some others. I strongly believe that the CO2 goals are only possible to reach if Nuclear plays a significant role. So if the promises from the politics are not just marketing it should be the place to invest."
"Nuclear is critical for environmental stewardship and energy security. Capital is needed to accelerate progress. Addressing climate change and increased need for clean energy and decarbonization is a challenge that will bring innovation and opportunities."
"Support deployment of advanced reactors and make some return :)"
"I am an avid nuclear energy proponent and uranium investor interested in all things nuclear including advanced designs using alternative fuel sources."
"Retired engineer who wants to see the US with an abundance of opportunities that come with lots of low cost energy for all to use."
"I am a family office manager based in Singapore with a keen interest in angel investing and innovative companies. I have been investing since 2016 through platforms such as FundersClub, Angellist, Republic and also directly into startups. I have a strong personal thesis on energy transition and I am very interested in innovative nuclear energy solutions. Been introduced to Nucleation Capital by a friend who is active on Angellist and we are both very excited to invest alongside your team!"
"I am a CTO and co-founder of [XXXXX], a FinTech platform and company that has raised $250M+ for companies using the Regulation A securities exemption, so I am no stranger to the investing / private equity spaces. I am interested in Nuclear technologies and joining your fund as an LP. Thanks for your consideration."
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