Reviewing Nucleation Deal Diligence

Sample of Nucleation’s Deal Due Diligence

We are pleased to provide the following sample of the type of diligence that Nucleation Capital conducts on prospective ventures that we are assessing for investment. The following is highly sensitive information that contains a combination of the Confidential Information of our portfolio venture, in this case, Deep Isolation, and considerable work effort and analysis from Nucleation Capital.  Therefore, for due consideration, you agree to access this information for a single purpose only, and that is to assess a prospective investment into Deep Isolation or into Nucleation Capital. 

By clicking the “I Agree” button, you agree that this information will be made available to you for a limted period of time, following receipt of your signed 3-way NDA, and that you will limit access to it to just yourself to use exclusively for the purpose of informing yourself of the detail-oriented approach that Nucleation Capital takes to doing its diligence. By accessing this information, you further agree not to endeavor to download, copy or utilize this information for any other purpose, without explicit permission from Nucleation Capital.