Investments in nuclear energy could help solve the economic and climate crises

Biden can solve multiple problems facing the U.S. by investing in clean energy climate solutions, according to Todd Allen and Suzy Hobbs Baker—and he appears on track to do so.  

“Biden ran on a sweeping clean energy plan, pledging to achieve a carbon-free electricity sector by 2035 with net zero emissions economy-wide by 2050 as part of his “all of government” plan for climate. The president’s proposed tech-neutral approach opens the door for an inclusive plan to combat climate change, which includes nuclear power — the nation’s largest carbon-free source of energy. This marks the first time nuclear power has been a part of the Democratic platform since 1972.”

“Additionally, we have seen increasing bipartisan congressional support for nuclear energy over the last decade. The new administration can build on this strong foundation by accelerating its investment in advanced nuclear energy to create new opportunities in the clean power sector and take meaningful steps towards cost-effective decarbonization. The nuclear industry can be ready to accomplish this with advanced technologies and a commitment to align with the equity-centered approach of the new administration.”

Read the full OpEd at “Investments in nuclear energy could help solve the economic and climate crises,” published in The Hill.