By David Dalton
Nuclear power is playing an important role in the world’s production of clean energy, “contributing massively” to avoiding greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in many countries and providing innovative solutions that could be very useful to emerging economies, International atomic Energy Agency director-general Rafael Mariano Grossi said during a panel discussion on electricity security and sustainability at the International Energy Agency’s Clean Energy Transitions Summit.

“Nuclear power has a great deal to contribute as part of clean, resilient, inclusive energy systems, which are of course indispensable drivers of economic development, especially at this hard time of pandemic recession all over the world,” Mr Grossi said.

“Nuclear energy is not a promise in terms of low-carbon energy, it is already now today contributing massively to a low carbon economy and a green grid” by avoiding the equivalent of 55 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide emissions over the last 50 years, he added.

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