Elon Musk supports nuclear for clean reliable grid energy

Automotive News Europe reported on the conversation held in Germany with Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, and the publisher, Alex Springer, on the future of electric cars. Musk opined that the world’s electric grid would need to at least double in size to accomodate all of the electric vehicles that he and Tesla are planning to sell. Even though he took the time to tout the growth of solar (especially his own), wind (with a nod to German engineering), and battery back-up systems (especially his own), nevertheless, Musk acknowledged quite courageously that he actually supports nuclear power as well.

As reported in Automotive News Europe’s article, Musk says EVs will double electric demand; Tesla would consider merger, “Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Tuesday that electricity consumption will double if the world’s vehicle fleets are electrified, increasing the need to expand nuclear, solar, geothermal and wind energy generating sources.”

Specifically, Musk state:

“Uh, I’m actually, uh, not against, uh, nuclear. I know that, ah, some people don’t like nuclear but, I think actually nuclear, in a situation where there’s not, uh, natural disasters, is actually fine.  Um, You know I don’t think we should have nuclear in a place that has lots of earthquakes, tsunamies or something like that, or big hurricanes with a name, but, uh, in places where natural disasters are not a big concern, I think that nuclear is very safe.

We find this is an exceptionally brave and even impressive thing for him to say, however apologetically expressed, as he endeavors to woo the German people to purchase Teslas. The German Green Party has turned strongly against its nuclear power and has largely ignored the voices of the pronuclear, pro-clean energy community in Germany. Yet, there was Musk, in front of an audience that was entirely German, wading into that battle zone with his eyes wide open.  Given how artfully strategic Musk can be, it makes you wonder why.

This article did not come with a link to the talk, which was recorded, but we were able to find a video of the conversation, which had been corrected from what had been a totally inaudible conversation because of loud background music. Click the image below to access the snippet of Musk’s comments involving nuclear energy.

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