Deep Isolation stepping up to help nuclear solve “waste”

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Deep Isolation provides a very promising approach to handling nuclear waste globally, which, in itself, serves to enable the expansion of nuclear energy as a means of addressing climate change.

This is the key message in a press release issued on September 19, 2022 by Deep Isolation titled “Deep Isolation offers opportunity to enable nuclear power expansion,” which quotes Nucleation Capital managing partner, Valerie Gardner.  The press release reads:

BERKELEY, Calif., Sept. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The lack of a viable spent fuel disposal solution remains an obstacle to the increasing global interest in nuclear power that guarantees energy security and helps enable a net zero world. Deep Isolation, a leading innovator in nuclear waste disposal solutions, is today kicking off an opportunity for investors to participate in the only scalable long-term solution for nuclear waste.

Deep Isolation’s advanced disposal technology brings a promising option to break through the nuclear waste disposal stalemate, enabling a more certain future for nuclear energy developers seeking to capitalize on this ESG opportunity.

With much of Europe and the world increasingly viewing nuclear as necessary for addressing both energy security and climate change, the market is primed for significant expansion, as highlighted with the International Energy Agency’s forecast that nuclear capacity will more than double between 2020 and 2050. Investor interest is following, with Clean Tech, ESG, and Climate investors increasingly leaning into advanced nuclear technologies.

One of the most significant enablers for the expanded use of nuclear power is nuclear waste disposal. Starting January 1, 2023, all new nuclear power developers across the European Union will be required under the Complementary Climate Delegated Act to establish operational plans for a disposal solution to meet Europe’s climate change aspirations. 

“Deep Isolation is solving the ‘what about the waste?’ problem. Their solution is elegant, effective, distributed and exactly what nuclear energy communities need,” said Valerie Gardner, Managing Partner of Nucleation Capital. “Happily, we expect it to be available at the right price and the right time to help enable the growth of next-generation nuclear.”

To date, Deep Isolation has raised $24 million, including a $21 million Series A raise in 2020 led by nuclear industry leader NAC International, Inc. The solution provides a new path for accessing the $667 billion addressable nuclear waste disposal market. 

“Deep Isolation is well-positioned to deliver significant returns on investment in timeframes that are aligned with VC requirements,” said Deep Isolation CEO and co-founder Liz Muller. “Nuclear has become not only a smart investment but a crucial one. With a deadline now set in In Europe, we offer the only timely, scalable, safe, cost-effective option for most countries to meet it.”

The company encourages interested parties to submit investment inquiries by September 23. It will be running a competitive process that will kick off on September 26. Visit to learn more.

Nucleation Capital, the world’s first advanced nuclear venture fund, provides accredited investors with a range of pathways for investing in ventures like Deep Isolation that are both more accessible and more affordable than typical venture capital. For example, the fund is currently hosting a syndicated SPV for Deep Isolation that enables individuals to participate for as little as $1,000 at the same terms as Nucleation iself invests in the underlying deal.

SPV’s can be a very cost-effective way to gain exposure to restricted private equity shares, because it pools investmens from smaller investors into a single vehicle. Accredited investors are invited to join the Nucleation syndicate.1

[Please note: the Deep Isolation syndicate closes on Sept. 30, 2022.]


[1]  The Nucleation Syndicate is only for accredited investors and is hosted at AngelList, which conducts its own accreditation. Only those who qualify are able to join this or other syndicated offerings.