AngelList Sign Up Process

These are the instructions for an investment advisor to set up an AngelList account to invest in Nucleation Capital on behalf of a client.  This structure enables the advisor to access the terms, conduct the capital transfers for funding as needed and get access to all of the documents, reports, and K1s. They will also get account notifications from both Nucleation as well as AngelList, the account custodian, on behalf of the client at the registered email address. There is no cost to setting up an AngelList (AL) account and AngelList account reps can help you make changes, should you needs it.


1) Go to and click the box to “Apply to be an Investor.” On the following screen, click “Join.”
2)  Enter the name to use for this account. This should be your name, if you are the authorized individual who is responsible for managing the client account. Or it could be the name of the client. You will also need to have an email address, where account messages will get sent. (You will get sent a confirming email with a code to ensure you can access that email account.)
3) AL Step 1 Accreditation Screen. You will be asked if you are investing for an Individual, a Trust, a Firm or Fund. (You have the option to select “individual” as in a later step, you will have the chance to set up different investing entities through which you can invest on behalf of your client.) 
4) Complete Full legal Name, Place of Residence and Accreditation Information. Here, since most advisors are accredited, enter the name of your accredited advisory firm.
5) Step 2: Investment Goals: Select “Investing behind Fund Managers who pick companies to invest in . . .”, you will be directed at the end of the process to the Rolling Fund page.)

6) Step 3: Past Experience:  If you say that you represent a firm, they will ask you which one. There is no requirement to mention the firm.

7) You wil be directed to a screen that enables you to set up your “Investing Entity.” This is where you should enter information to set up your client as the actual investing entity for the account, which requires entering some personal information on their behalf.  (The information may be presented at a later stage but is required for AL KYC efforts.)

8) Once you complete your account set up, your application will be reviewed and email confirmed. You may be redirected to the Rolling Funds list. You can search for “Nucleation Capital” in the search bar or click this link to get to our fund portal. If there are any issues, a member of the funds-ops team may contact you.

9) Once you are at our fund page, you will be able to review our fund description, terms and view or download the Closing Documents (located under the purple “Apply Now” button) prior to subscribing.

NOTE:  Once you are here, you will be able to see all of the fund information provided by AngelList. Should you wish to change any answers, this can be done with assistance by an AL liaison.


10) On the fund subscription page, read the description and terms and, when ready, click the purple “Apply Now” button. You will be asked to enter the terms for your subscription, in an amount to be funded quarterly and the number of quarters to subscribe for.  

11) You will be asked to select which investing entity you will use. If you haven’t set up the investing entity, this is where you should enter the information the set up your client as the actual investing entity for the account. 

11) You will be asked about how they qualify as accredited, whether via Income or Assets. You may use either one and you may direct that verification request to be sent to an individual at your own firm.  Someone from the AL Accreditation team will be in touch with that person in order to get confirmation of accreditation, which is typically done by completing a questionnaire.

12) Following the prompts, you will have another chance to view the Closing Documents and check your acknowledgement agreeing to be bound by terms that you set and the provisions of the closing documents. When you confirm all of the statements and click “Subscribe,” this is where the investment commitment happens.

13) When you apply to join the fund, you will get a screen to provide information to us about your interest. Please indicate that you are re-applying on behalf of your specific client, so we know who the person is behind the investment.  
14) The fund will then approve you and you be directed to fund the subscription by being sent information about setting up ACH or Wire transfers.  The first quarter’s subscription will be due right away. 

15) Final documents are generated after the quarter closes and a link to them is posted in the client information area.