Advanced Nuclear Firsts

Oklo is very well-known within the Advanced Nuclear world as one of the leading ventures among those developing 4th Generation reactors. Oklo made history in 2020 with their submission and the NRCs acceptance of their combined license application for the stunning Aurora powerhouse design. Oklo was approved for a site use permit at the Idaho National Laboratory to build their first unit. They made further history when they secured approval to use nuclear waste as fuel from the DOE.

Meanwhile, Oklo has seen its profile raised, and that of its founders, Jake DeWitte and Caroline Cochran, two brilliant and charismatic young leaders, who have shaken things up in the industry by doing hard things not just in a smarter way and also in a bold way, revealing both keen business accumen but also a fresh new face for nuclear energy. (Full disclosure: both Rod and Valerie met Jake and Caroline many years ago, have followed their progress and remain connected, as Jake serves as an advisor to Nucleation Capital.)

Since Oklo succeeded in raising its seed round through Y Combinator and then a Series A from a group of venture investors, we have watched them develop along the  pathway followed by most all of Silicon Valley’s rising tech ventures.  We’ve been duly impressed with their vision, the inspiring design of the Aurora powerhouse, their commitment to diversity and inclusion, as well as the playful and stylish brand that they’ve built for Oklo. Importantly, they keep showing up and sharing their time and energy with the broader climate and energy communities.

If you’ve been paying any attention at all, you are likely to have heard Caroline and/or Jake speak and present at a wide array of events, Clubhouse chats, Facebook events, TED talks, or speaking on CNBC or at nuclear industry events about their aspirations and the future of nuclear. They have worked hard to set the stage for the public to know about Oklo, be inspired by their vision, recognize how nuclear fits into a clean energy future and even follow their expert work defining new protocols for the NRC to build a foundation for Gen IV nuclear’s success.

In this way, Oklo is redefining nuclear and is, itself, a “first of a kind” (FOAK) advanced nuclear venture that is on a trajectory to change the face of energy. Even before their first-of-a-kind 4th Gen application to the NRC gets approved—which could be as early as 2023—Oklo has broken barriers, set a high bar, and changed the face of the nuclear industry. Oklo’s spare team has fulfilled many of the necessary steps towards the achievement of its ambitious plans, and, in the process, has attracted serious venture capital interest.

All of which has confirmed our excitement about investing in advanced nuclear ventures and the sector more broadly. If you are an accredited investor (an SEC requirement), you may express your interest in learning more by completing this form and we’ll send you more information.