Nucleating the world’s
carbon-managed future

Nucleation Capital lets you invest where the world is going—not where it has been. Now you can fund some of the best next-generation clean nuclear energy and deep decarbonization ventures working to provide the world with a sustainable and high-energy future.

Nucleation Capital makes it affordable for you to invest directly in the clean energy solutions our future needs.  With as little as $5,000 per quarter, accredited investors can invest in tomorrow’s most promising clean energy companies: after all, climate change won’t solve itself.

“If ESG metrics favor ExxonMobil over Tesla*, you know there’s a problem. Nucleation let’s you invest in the clean energy innovations we need to power our lives reliably without fossil fuels or their climate impacts.”

                                      — Valerie Gardner

A LOW-carbon economy?


The world needs clean energy solutions to power our planet without worsening our climate, even with growing demand. We need to prevent new CO2 emissions while also drawing down on existing emissions in order to restore a safe climate for ourselves and future generations.

New Nuclear Dome

Why Advanced Nuclear?


Small modular reactors will come in a range of sizes, features and designs (like this concept) and be critical components of global carbon-free energy systems helping energy buyers improve grid performance without compromising on environmental impact.

A BRighter Future is Possible


We can eliminate CO2 emissions even while meeting growing energy demand. Next-generation nuclear enables people around the world to thrive by ending fossil fuel reliance and decoupling economic activity from emissions, while helping to restore the climate.

In the news

Meet the team


Valerie Gardner is a seasoned entrepreneur and investor with a background in technology, start-ups and finance. She has co-founded and/or led four ventures, including Willow Peripherals and WebTV Networks (acquired by Microsoft), tech ventures for which she served as CFO and General Counsel; and Tiemann Investment Advisors (TIA), an investment firm with $300M in AUM, and Nucleation Capital. Valerie holds an MBA from Yale University and a JD from Northeastern University. Concerned about climate, she spent decades researching sustainability. Her realization that nuclear energy was pivotal for reducing reliance on fossil fuels, led her to create TIA’s “Future Generation” portfolio, the Climate Coalition and Nucleation Capital.


Rod Adams is a distinguished nuclear expert and visionary with a comprehensive multidecadal career in the atomic energy sector. Earning both a bachelors degree in English from the United States Naval Academy (USNA) and a masters in Systems Technology from the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, Rod’s passion for nuclear power was built upon his experience through 11 naval deployments as a Navy nuclear submarine engineer, from which he retired as a Commander. Rod was a pioneer in advanced nuclear, having launched Adams Atomic Engines in 1993. His experience and questioning mindset have played a role in reshaping how the nuclear industry views its future.

We are investing in


Ventures developing state-of-the-art reactors for grid and off-grid electricity generation and industrial heat applications, related supply chain including advanced fuels and materials, manufacturing and robotics, AI and other software control systems, waste storage, waste treatment, deployment, and training ventures.


Ventures providing carbon capture, utilization and sequestration in commercial products, such as synthetic fuels, chemicals or recombinations of energy or chemistry designed to accelerate decarbonization, including through climate services that aid the transition to carbon neutrality.


Ventures which accelerate smarter grids and advanced grid integrations enabling these critical systems to better manage and balance growing demand, distributed generation, energy storage, demand pricing and energy routing.



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