Severe climate impacts coming sooner than expected

AFP, a news and fact checking organization, broke a story based upon having reviewed a 4,000 page draft of an IPCC report that is being updated by thousands of IPCC scientist-volunteers, which provides the starkest and most dire status update on the state of the climate of any report.  While the IPCC’s own timetable has the report publication scheduled for early 2022, the AFP’s review indicates that the report will establish that the impacts of our CO2 pollution will cause catastrophic changes, especially on our coasts, well before previously estimated. The AFP was so alarmed, they produced a series of videos highlighting the findings in the draft report, such as this one below (click on the image to leave and go to the AFP’s own site, where the video is hosted).

After AFP broke the story, many other news outlets cited the reporting, including, in an article titled “Crushing climate impacts to hit sooner than feared: draft UN report,” published on June 23, 2021, which reviews how climate impacts will “fundamentally reshape life on Earth in the coming decades,” even if we can succeed in reducing emissions going forward, because of baked-in warming effects. Dangerous thresholds are closer than previously believed and many of the most dire consequeces—unliveable heat, species extinctions, widespread disease, cities lost from sea level rise and water encroachment, collapse of ecosystems including coral reefs—which are already being felt today, will accelerate to menace the lives of the younger generation and those being born today. See more at the AFP website at: “AFP has world scoop on a draft climate science report,” June 23, 2021 (no authors listed) and at, “Crushing climate impacts to hit sooner than feared: draft UN report,” June 23, 2021, by Marlowe Hood, Patrick Galey and Kelly MacNamara.