Charles Oppenheimer: Entrepreneur and Grandson of J. Robert Oppenheimer

Charles Oppenheimer has spent his career in software as an employee, entrepreneur, and investor. He believes there is value in representing J. Robert Oppenheimer from a family perspective, and in advocating for science and the power of scientists to solve humanity’s problems. Charles and other members of the Oppenheimer family have launched the Oppenheimer Project, which is committed to honoring the legacy of J. Robert Oppenheimer and advancing a safer future in the face of technological change. The Oppenheimer Project supports J. Robert Oppenheimer’s (JRO) vision of international cooperation and increased unity to address existential threats that arise from the growth of science and technology.

JRO’s thoughts, values, and leadership example have continued urgency in today’s world.  The Oppenheimer Project takes a three-pronged approach in propagating his legacy. 1) Promoting the legacy of J. Robert Oppenheimer to encourage open discussion among thought leaders and address today’s existential threats. 2) Advocating for nuclear energy expansion and international cooperation to increase energy production and decrease threats from nuclear weapons. 3) Investing in the energy transition to carbon-free sources, including nuclear energy.

Through this non-profit, the members of the Oppenheimer family are investing in and advocating for nuclear energy to be included as a climate solution. They have also participated in the management collaboration and training programs  co-hosted with the National Labs Oppenheimer Science and Energy Leadership Program (OSELP) and the Department of Energy.  The Oppenheimer Exchanges, a day long symposium with over 150 participants from across national lab leadership, the OSELP, the investment community, and private sector technology leaders, took place on July 22nd, 2023. This incredible event ended with a hosted screening of the “Oppenheimer” movie at the San Francisco Metreon on opening night, complete with preliminary comments by members of the Oppenheimer family before the film, and attended by over 550 guests, including national labs scientists and administrators, senior leaders in philanthropy, and private sector investors (including Nucleation) and entrepreneurs in climate, energy, AI, etc.

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