Nuclear power can save the world

Some of the smartest thinkers on the planet recognize the potential for nuclear power to be the white knight we need for climate change. Writing for the The New York Times, Nuclear Power Can Save the World,  Joshua S. Goldstein,

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N.E.L.A. reintroduced, Bill Gates “thrilled”

Bill Gates wrote: “I’m thrilled that senators from both sides of the aisle have come together to support advanced nuclear. This is exactly the kind of leadership our country needs to both solve the climate challenge and reassert our leadership

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N.E.I.M.A. becomes law

S512, the Nuclear Energy Innovation Modernization Act reforming NRC processes to better adapt to Advanced Nuclear, was signed into law on January 14, 2019 with bi-partisan co-sponsors and overwhelming support (voice votes only) in both the House and Senate. Summary:

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N.E.I.C.A. becomes law

S97, the Nuclear Energy Innovation Capabilities Act of 2017, enabling the use of National Lab facilities to test private advanced nuclear designs, was signed into law on September 28, 2018 with bi-partisan co-sponsors and overwhelming support (voice votes only) in

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A Roadmap for US Nuclear Energy Innovation

A variety of timely forces are inspiring a renewed push for nuclear energy. Dr. Richard Lester proposes a roadmap for innovation that enables the U.S. to lead, rather than follow, Russia and China in advancing nuclear technology. Read more by

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