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Nucleation Capital is investing in next-generation nuclear power, with a unique vision of it being the centerpiece of our 21st century clean energy systems that produce energy safely, reliably and cost-effectively. We’re also investing in deep decarbonization and electric grid enhancements, both of which address critical needs—if we are to thrive in a climate-stressed world. Advanced nuclear, in combination with other non-emitting energy sources, will create the 0% emission, fossil fuel-free power systems that best provide for our electricity, heating, industrial process heat, transportation and decarbonization needs with the least ecologic impacts.

Investors cannot access these specific clean energy sectors through any standard mutual fund, ETF, ESG or impact-style fund. Such funds invariably exclude nuclear energy and frequently avoid energy entirely. Public equity funds also cannot invest in the nimble, early-stage, private ventures known for innovation, technological disruption and rapid growth. Accessing these private equity sectors in a risk-reduced way requires a unique type of venture capital fund.

Nucleation Capital is doing exactly that: making investing in innovative nuclear ventures possible. Our venture capital rolling fund builds portfolios of the best ventures working to commercialize scalable, reliable clean advanced nuclear and deep decarbonization technologies for our investors. Additionally, we occasionally offer our broader network of syndicate investors opportunities to invest in ventures, through SPVs (special purpose vehicles) on a one-time basis.

About investing in venture capital

Nucleation Capital is the first venture fund to bring deep industry expertise to focus on investing in these emerging climate and deeptech sectors. We utilize an innovative technology platform that makes it much easier for investors to find us, afford to participate and, if they so choose, subscribe easily online. 

Participation in our fund and syndicate is limited to those who qualify as accredited.” This is largely because the ventures we invest in are high-risk: their shares are not publicly listed or “liquid,” (i.e., cannot be sold without the permission of the venture). Thus, we may hold these private shares for up to 10 years, which allows time for young ventures to mature. Some ventures will undoubtedly fail, but we expect some ventures will see enormous growth in this time. Thus, our investors agree that funds that we’ve invested on their behalf can remain invested for ten years. We endeavor to invest in ventures that will see rapid growth and achieve liquidity (typically through an acquisition or IPO) within ten years or less, but we cannot guarantee what the future holds.

A ten-year term is standard for most venture funds but what makes us non-traditional is that we use a technology platform that automates many back-end functions. This enables us to accept many more investors into our fund at far lower minimums than usual. Most venture funds have multi-million dollar minimums but our subscriptions start at $20,000 per year ($5,000 paid per quarter). Our investors hold a pro-rata share of each of our one to two investments made per quarter during their subscription period. Our platform also provides investors with a private client dashboard, tracks client funding, investment positions, fund reporting, K1 filings and much more.

If you think we won’t successfully decarbonize without nuclear power, you can now invest in the rarified private equity asset class of advanced nuclear and other deeptech technologies with Nucleation Capital—and at a level that you can afford. [Please see our F.A.Q. page to get more of your questions answered.]

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The Nucleation Capital Rolling Fund

The Nucleation Capital rolling fund is a venture capital vehicle managed by Rod Adams, a former Navy submarine engineer and founder of Atomic Insights, and Valerie Gardner, a former tech entrepreneur, CFO and investment principal. Nucleation Capital merges technical sophistication, deep industry connections and science-based climate-realism to select investments that can dramatically scale to fundamentally disrupt carbon emissions and climate change. [Learn more about our team—>]


Albert Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  If we haven’t yet “bent the curve” on carbon emissions in all this time, maybe you should consider investing in more powerful and more reliable clean energy options?  

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