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Nucleation gives investors access to breakthrough climate technology innovation through two distinct venture capital vehicles

Nucleation Capital is now in its third year of investing in next-generation nuclear power and deep decarbonization ventures. We are pleased to welcome new investors as limited partners (LPs) into our existing fund (Fund I) — a non-traditional Rolling Fund — launched in 2021, with continued quarterly investments through 2024.  We are pleased to welcome LP interest in our second fund (Fund II), a traditional venture capital fund, now anticipated to launch in late 2024 or early 2025.

Fund I: The Nucleation Capital Rolling Fund

The Nucleation Capital rolling fund is an online, subscription-based, venture capital vehicle for accredited investors looking to invest between $20,000 and $200,000 per year. This fund and all client accounts are hosted by AngelList Venture, an established venture fund custodian, where all of the materials and activity pertaining to the fund (investor presentation, key terms, legal docs, LP funding, tracking of investments, communication, returns and tax reports, etc.) reside.

Quarterly subscriptions for Fund I start as low as $5,000 per quarter with a four-quarter minimum recommended. We make about one investment per quarter (or five per year for each of our first two years), so subscribe in the amount that you would like to have invested approximately per deal. Each LP in the fund gets a pro rata share of every investment we make in the quarters to which they have subscribed.  Click the red “Take me to the Portal” button to access our Subscription Portal where you’ll find all the relevant fund materials and terms. If you would like more info or have specific questions, click the blue button and we’ll get back to you asap.

Fund II: Nucleation’s Traditional Venture Fund

Nucleation Capital is now meeting with larger investors seeking access to advanced nuclear and deep decarbonization through a traditionally-structured venture fund. This fund will be more suitable to larger professional LPs seeking to invest between $2 million and $20 million, including family offices, funds-of-funds, foundations, endowments and pension funds.

Fund II preparations are under way, with an expected launch in 2024. If you’d like to meet with us to discuss possible participation in this fund, please use the below link to connect and we will be happy to share our fund materials with qualified investors.

About investing in nuclear energy

Nucleation Capital is the leading venture fund to bring deep industry expertise to focus on investing in next-generation nuclear. In nearly all of history, nuclear innovation happened within the national labs or divisions of very large corporations. This is the first time that nuclear energy innovation is happening broadly and globally within dedicated “start-up” ventures. These smaller, private ventures are raising capital by issuing equity to investors—which is standard financing practice for nearly all types of technology companies, from electric vehicles and biotech to artificial intelligence and space transport. They are also working to introduce the right product at the right price to meet the needs of very diverse types of energy buyers—all of whom want to replace dirty fossil fuel power with an alternative source of firm clean power. 

While the world is struggling to transition from dirty to clean energy—and having a difficult time—nuclear energy is simultaneously going through a major transformation of its own: demand for better designs has incentivized innovation and is propelling its emergence as a tech sector—what we call “atomictech.” Ventures working in this space are not just designing new reactors, they are also building the capacity to manufacture and install next-gen nuclear power systems in cheaper and safe ways, primarily as modules that are smaller, transportable and which can be assembled rapidly at the destination site. Thus they are re-imagining the entire fuel cycle, the supply chain, training, operations, and grid integration and even the reuse and/or safe-keeping of nuclear waste. It is, in short, becoming a very dynamic industry.

About investing in venture capital

All venture capital investments are deemed high risk because young ventures face difficult odds and run the risk of failure. Private equity shares have no guarantees and are illiquid, which means that it is not possible to sell them through the public stock markets. Thus, participation in all venture funds, including ours, is limited to those who qualify as accredited,” which are investors that the SEC deems capable of assessing the risks and withstanding the potential losses.

What makes venture investing attractive is the fact that successful young ventures can grow very quickly and return multiples of the invested capital. This is the essence of high-risk/high-return. Venture funds have historically returned better than market returns but within their portfolios, there will have been some total losses and some big winners.

Standard term for a venture fund is 10 to 15 years, which allows sufficient time for young ventures to mature and either get acquired or get big enough to go public. Venture investors need to be able to allow their funds to remain invested for ten years. Our job as the general partners is to invest in the best ventures we can find that we believe will see rapid growth and achieve liquidity within that ten year period or less.

Nuclear power is 70-year old technology that is now finally moving from Nuke 1.0 to Nuke 2.0, after a 30 year hiatus in innovation. We believe that this is the energy of the future. We also see the enormous pressure to decarbonize energy systems around the world. COP 28 just declared the need to phase out fossil fuels within the coming decades. Climate and energy security concerns provide huge tail winds on the nuclear sector, which improve the odds. There are also plenty of legacy issues that lessen the odds. We obviously cannot guarantee what the future holds but increasing numbers recognize that successful decarbonization requires much more nuclear power than we have now.

We are pleased to enable more investors the ability to invest in this vision. Nucleation Fund I makes the rarified private equity asset class of advanced nuclear and other deeptech technologies accessible at a level that most can afford. Nucleation’s Fund II, launching in 2024, will enable institutional LPs better access as well.  [Please see our F.A.Q. page to get more of your questions answered.]

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Albert Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  If we haven’t yet “bent the curve” on carbon emissions in all this time, maybe you should consider investing in more powerful and more reliable clean energy options?  

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