High-fashion Nuclear Influencer

It’s rare to see “nuclear” and “high-fashion” combine in a sentence, let alone in a person but Isabelle Boemeke is a rare instance. She’s a Brazilian fashion model who is using her social media stardom to speak power truths. The haute-fashion media outlet, Highsnobiety, ran an interview with Isabelle (who uses the handle “Isodope”) where she immediately launches into the horrors of the most dangerous energy on earth:

“Let’s talk about the most dangerous energy source on earth. The World Health Organization blames it for 29 percent of all lung cancers, 24 percent of strokes, a quarter of all heart disease, and 43 percent of chronic lung infections — all of which could be prevented. [It] produces invisible particles that fill up the sky like a bucket, trapping the sun’s heat and choking rivers, plants, and animals like us. The worst of all . . . the companies who burn it are not required to take care of their waste.” 

She’s talking about fossil fuels, of course. Only then does she counter with a discussion of “what might be the safest power source we have, by many countable metrics,” which, of course, is nuclear energy.

How utterly refreshing to hear a bold voice that doesn’t mince words. “I think it’s the coolest form of energy. Everything else sucks in comparison. Fossil fuels are obviously bad. It’s just burning stuff like coal, oil, or gas. Solar and wind are fine, but they’re intermittent and very granola. Nuclear is like a technology from the future.”

Isabelle’s interviews are a pleasure, as she is clearly a more informed of the facts about nuclear than some might expect. But even more compelling and pursuasive have been her extraordinarily creative videos, typically featuring herself modeling futuristic-looking fashions or sharing beaty tips, while at the same time, satirically talking nuclear facts and rolling her glacier-colored eyes. Isabelle’s little gems, which she periodically drops to adoring fans on Twitter and Instagram, are part of what make social media actually fun.