Good Energy Collective seeks to rebuild nuclear’s climate credentials

A new non-profit, Good Energy Collective, has been founded to build the progressive case for nuclear energy as an essential part of the broader climate change agenda. The group, founded by Jessica Lovering and Suzy Hobbs Baker, seeks to develop and advocate for smart, nuclear-inclusive policies that will equip communities to meet their diverse energy needs with the most suitable and diverse energy solutions available, including deployment of advanced nuclear technologies.

Emerging from progressive concerns to give communities the tools to most effectively rout carbon emissions — whose impacts are being felt by the most vulnerable — the founders see opportunities for the new generation of nuclear plants, which are smaller, cheaper, and safer than their predecessors, to fit in  with the general movement toward distributed energy, microgrids, and community ownership.

Read the interview conducted by David Roberts with Jessica Lovering and Suzy Hobbs Baker at Vox: “Nuclear power has been top-down and hierarchical. These women want to change that.”