Nucleation Capital Executive Summary

Nucleation Capital is a venture capital fund focused on companies developing innovative advanced nuclear, deep decarbonization and grid optimization technologies. The successful commercialization of these powerful technologies could finally help reverse humanity’s dire impacts on climate while increasing energy access and grid reliability. As a deep-tech climate fund deployed on an automated platform, Nucleation Capital reduces the capital required from investors seeking diversified exposure to these developing yet high risk areas of cleantech innovation. While nuclear power has already proven its ability to further eleven of seventeen Sustainable Development Goals, next-gen designs have the distinct potential to move the bar significantly, disrupting fossil fuel markets and returning black swan-caliber multiples to early investors.

Nucleation Capital uses an online investment portal that allows accredited investors to participate in its investments for a rolling term, by selecting a quarterly amount and number of quarters in which to participate. New investors may easily right-size their investment to remain proportional to their risk preference and may end their participation without penalty. While each quarter’s investment covers a standard 10-year venture term, the simplicity and flexibility of this platform enables accredited investors access to equity in early stage, high-growth nuclear physics and chemistry-related ventures not available through any other investment vehicle. Nucleation is the only fund focused exclusively on ventures working to commercialize applications involving fission, fusion, LENR, industrial radiologic applications and a wide array of chemical solutions for managing carbon emissions, areas widely ignored and under-valued by traditional clean energy investors.

Nucleation plans to invest broadly in superior teams and technologies with competitive strategies and compelling business models across advanced nuclear electricity and process heat generation and carbon capture and utilization technologies (CCUS), including hydrogen production, other synthetic fuels and related ventures. Unlike traditional nuclear, small modular advanced nuclear systems appear well suited to serving the needs of a far wider range of energy, industry and commercial customers with 24×7 carbon-free, cost-effective systems to power distributed grids, data centers, manufacturing plants, remote villages, shipping, space exploration and as well as the new CCUS sector, which is critical for restoring climate health.

Advanced nuclear, as the only reliable, dense, and scalable type of clean energy, is undergoing a significant leap forward, with a compelling array of new fail-safe designs, that could appeal to cost-conscious energy buyers and a wary public that is increasingly beset with extreme weather events and unreliable power grids. Many already see advanced nuclear as the missing link for the successful decarbonization of global energy systems, as it alone has the potential to effect a gigaton-scale disruption of energy usage as we know it.

Nucleation Capital was founded by Valerie Gardner, a successful tech entrepreneur and investor, to fund under-valued clean energy and climate solutions. She previously co-founded Tiemann Investment Advisors with Dr. Jonathan Tiemann and helped grow it to over $300 million in AUM. Her research into scalable sources of clean energy revealed a second “inconvenient truth:” with energy demand growing in a climate-stressed world, next-gen nuclear power holds the key to grid solutions that can compete against fossil fuels.

In 2018, Valerie connected with Rod Adams, a former nuclear navy commander, one of the earliest advanced nuclear entrepreneurs and widely-respected atomic energy visionary, and Rick DeGolia, a former tech CEO, clean energy expert, community leader and investor. Nucleation is the realization of their vision of supporting commercialization of scalable solutions to climate change and enabling sophisticated, science-informed investors to join them. For more information, please contact Valerie at: