Beautiful Nuclear

Advanced Nuclear

The following images are examples of artists’ renderings of a few of the advanced nuclear reactors being developed by various ventures showing that next generation of plants are being developed by teams that recognize that these plants should be both functional as well as aesthetically appealing to their communities.

Top image: The Oklo Aurora (an artist’s concept of the 1.5 MW powerhouse being developed by California-based Oklo); Middle image: NuScale at night (an artist’s concept of NuScales modular design); Bottom: Transatomic Energy (concept sketch from 2019, however this is no longer an active venture).

Traditional Nuclear is also beautiful

The Telegraph: Published an article in 2016 entitled 14 photographs of Britain’s (surprisingly beautiful) nuclear power stations.  Click the link to see the photos shared of exquisitely clean vistas surrounding nuclear power in the U.K.

Clean nuclear is surprisingly beautiful